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The voice of local people in health and care

Find a service in Leeds

The Leeds Directory is a comprehensive guide to services in Leeds.

Here is a downloadable copy of A to Z of health and social care services created by Better Lives Leeds

NHS Choices is the online 'front door' to the NHS. It is the country's biggest health website and gives all the information you need to make choices about your health. You can find information about hospitals, GPs and dentists and urgent care. As well as basic contact details, you can also find feedback from other people about what they think about these services. It’s not just limited to NHS information. You can also find information about other services in your area (often provided by charities) that can help you with conditions from Alzheimers through to weight loss.

Leeds Mental Health Directory. At least one in four of us will experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives.  There is a lot of help available but it can be difficult to know which service is the most suitable. Leeds Mental Health Directory aims to give up to date information about what services are available in the city and how to access them. It also provides links to fact sheets and self-help information about maintaining good mental health and wellbeing.

Rehab 4 Alcoholism offers a free helpline and intervention service for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Tel: 0345 222 3509 Website: http://www.rehab4alcoholism.com

Public health guidance on Needle and syringe programmes: providing people who inject drugs with injecting equipment. This guidance makes recommendations on needle and syringe programmes, including those provided by pharmacies and drugs services for adults and young people (including those under 16) who inject drugs, including image-and performance-enhancing drugs (for example, steroids or Botox).

The Care Quality Commission checks all hospitals, dentists, care homes and care services to see if they meet national standards. You can find out what they have to say about these services in your area by visiting their website.

If you want help to make a complaint about an NHS service you should contact Advonet who run the Leeds Independent Health Complaints Advocacy  service.  You can also call the single point of access telephone number 0113 2440606.

The Health and Wellbeing Board. The Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board will oversee how we continue to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leeds.


If you can't find what you are looking for, or need some help with weighing up your decisions - please give us a ring on 0113 898 0035.

We don't give out medical advice, and we're not an advice centre - but we we will help you find the right place for you.

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