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The voice of local people in health and care

YouthWatch goes to #selfcareeverywhere


Spread across a few different venues, the #selfcareeverywhere festival had lots of workshops that helped people to discuss positive thinking and self-care.Harriet and Ghazal talking to the group

In a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, we talked about #iamperfectasme, exploring possibilities by making positive choices and body confidence.

I enjoyed the speeches that other young people made because it meant that we were really involved throughout the whole day.

Young people talking at the eventI also loved that there was a huge mix of different people at the event, which meant that not only self-care everywhere was being promoted, but self-care for everyone, too.

‘Being confident as me’ was a key message conveyed throughout the event, which has since inspired me to ensure that a little part of each day is dedicated to self-care.

Build a girl

The #selfcareeverywhere festival was a fun and creative way to spread the self-care message far and wide.

It would be good if YouthWatch could do a similar event in the future.


Megan, YouthWatch volunteer, 15